Help us Choose our Ramadan Collection

As Salaamu Alaikum. So, we are in the midst of planning to launch new pieces for Ramadan and we want to get your opinion. The pieces below are a sneak peek of what we are considering for this coming season. Take a look at these styles and give us your honest feedback. We love hearing from our ShamsFam and want you to be a part of our selection process.

First up is an open duster in Navy. It is simple but has subtle stonework which makes it a piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. It has a waist tie which is optional and can be worn to the back. We need help choosing a name for this beauty.


This next piece is a pretty lavender open abaya with lots of stonework. It’s a bit fancy, so it’s perfect for wearing to a party or to a sisters event. It also has a waist tie which can be worn to the back, or you can opt to wear it without it. It’s open so you can choose a sleeveless dress so when you open it you’re fully covered. Here we paired it with our Uptown Diamond Collection Scarf in Lavender which matches perfectly and enhances the stone design.


Let us know what you think about these styles, should we go ahead with them? Should we also make them in Plus Size? What would you name these pieces?

As a bonus, if we choose the name you suggest you will get a $250 Al Shams Gift Card. We’re here to share the LOVE habibiti! Gift card winners will be announced On Feb 6, 2024 at 10am, so be sure to check your email.

We can’t wait to hear what you think. Thanks again for being a part of the ShamsFam.


As-salamu alaikum both abayas are beautiful. The blue abaya can be dressed up or down for a casual date night look. The lavender abaya is perfect for spring and can be worn during Ramadan or for a modest pastel Eid look. The Abayas I own from Al-Shams are long lasting and of quality.

Blue – Basma (means to smile or smiling one)

Lavender – Madiha ( a woman worthy of praise)

Amani January 31, 2024

I love open abayas so both of these appeal to me. I would wear the blue one for everyday and the lavender one for a formal event. I like the name Luna for the lavender one and Nujum for the blue one. Moon and stars.

Rana Hamdan January 31, 2024

I love the navy one and would totally wear it to taraweeh. I think I would prefer it in black, though.

I agree with the other commentors that the lavender one would look so much better in black!

I think Leila would be a beautiful name for the first one.

Nafisa Rahman January 31, 2024

I love both of them for different reasons. Option one would be beautiful for a everyday elegant look.
Option two is absolutely great for party or special Occasion, In my opinion i believe you should launch the second style and this is the time most Muslim woman are looking for a special look. For get togethers, Eid, etc. I think you should name it Noor Abaya.

Hannah Egeland January 31, 2024

I love both! But I would definitely go for the Blue one. It has just the right amount of bling on it. I hope you will have a classic black color in the collection as well.

Sonia January 31, 2024

I love both! The lavender is very beautiful, I think you should name it Fakhria it means Glorious or Magnificent.

Safaa Abdullah January 31, 2024

I love both abayas. And you know I always love Shamswear collection. I think it looks good in these colors and as well as in black, it will looks great. Both styles are party wear, not for Taraweeh. But both are awesome.

Radiant Abaya
Glowing Abaya
Divine Abaya
Serene style abaya
Modish Abaya
Haya Abaya
Tahira Abaya

Shaista Sandhu January 31, 2024

As salaamu alaikum.
I love the navy blue. It is very elegant yet simple. It flows beautifully.
The lavender I agree would look better in black. While I love the light spring color, I feel that a garment in that color doesn’t need as much bling.

Shukran for showcases the prospects for the Ramadhaan collection. In shaa Allah we will see the final selection soon!

Bint Abdallah January 31, 2024

I like the first one
Second one has to much on it for me.

Sondra Anthony January 31, 2024

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