Help us Choose our Ramadan Collection

As Salaamu Alaikum. So, we are in the midst of planning to launch new pieces for Ramadan and we want to get your opinion. The pieces below are a sneak peek of what we are considering for this coming season. Take a look at these styles and give us your honest feedback. We love hearing from our ShamsFam and want you to be a part of our selection process.

First up is an open duster in Navy. It is simple but has subtle stonework which makes it a piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. It has a waist tie which is optional and can be worn to the back. We need help choosing a name for this beauty.


This next piece is a pretty lavender open abaya with lots of stonework. It’s a bit fancy, so it’s perfect for wearing to a party or to a sisters event. It also has a waist tie which can be worn to the back, or you can opt to wear it without it. It’s open so you can choose a sleeveless dress so when you open it you’re fully covered. Here we paired it with our Uptown Diamond Collection Scarf in Lavender which matches perfectly and enhances the stone design.


Let us know what you think about these styles, should we go ahead with them? Should we also make them in Plus Size? What would you name these pieces?

As a bonus, if we choose the name you suggest you will get a $250 Al Shams Gift Card. We’re here to share the LOVE habibiti! Gift card winners will be announced On Feb 6, 2024 at 10am, so be sure to check your email.

We can’t wait to hear what you think. Thanks again for being a part of the ShamsFam.


Blue-Royal Elegance

I love love love your clothes. I pray to purchase for Ramadan inshallah

Jill Alahaydoian January 31, 2024

They are both beautiful. The one in navy should be called “Rawdah” and the one in lavender should be called “Marwah”. Thank you. Salaam !

Fatiatu Inusah January 31, 2024

Assalamo Alaikum,
They are Beautiful Masha’Allah.
My suggestion!
Blue : Hoorah
Lavender : Noorah
Jazak’Allah Khair ❣️

Nurjis Fatima January 31, 2024

As Salaamu Alaikum,

I love every single design you guys offer and these two abayas are beautiful for Ramadan as well! I feel like they’re perfect for day time and evening wear. The stonework is absolutely beautiful.

For the navy abaya I like the name “Djamila.” It is a shortened version of a name belonging to a student of mine (Djamilatou) and it also means beauty in Arabic which is why I admire the name! I also think it’s a nice name for the navy abaya because I imagined myself wearing it to an iftar and feeling beautiful!

For the lavendar abaya I instantly thought of “Libre,” because of the lavendar note in the YSL perfume Libre. I believe it means free in French. I also like the name Alba, it’s simple and the color screams a daytime spring day! I thought about the name “Noor” as well, thinking of a bright spring day bringing lots of light.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts and name ideas. I’m so happy to be part of the Shams family. Thank you for including us in this process and truly making it feel like a family of sisters!! <3

SS January 31, 2024

They are both beautiful and two of my top colors when choosing an abaya
I’m up for the bling and being a mom of three girls , it definitely is a winner for me

If I were to name these I’d go with

Blue – Ihtisam , Jameela,
Lavender – Hayaa, Bushra


Zahra Daudaly January 31, 2024

Midnight Modesty Abaya – Dark Blue
Sparkling Lavendar

Both abayas are beautiful and you should keep them as is.

Sis Kylie January 31, 2024

Blue – Fatimah
Lavender -Asiyah

Zainab January 31, 2024

Assalamu alaikum ,
I love both of these elegant styles. I think the navy blue one will be good for Taraweeh and the lavender one is more party wear good for Eid . These will look great in other colours too like black , cherry and maroon .
I always love Alshams abayas .
Names I would suggest for these beautiful styles :
Blue – Tahura
Lavender – Zahra

Somayya January 31, 2024

Navy – Rumaysa
Lavendar – Salwa

As-Salaam Alaikum both are beautiful ! Allahuma Barik 🌸 !

Atiyah Brinkley January 31, 2024

Assalam alikum.
Love both abayas I just love the simplicity of this brand I m a mom of 5 when I buy abaya I look for easy and good quality item to wear so for me I like abaya to be close it’s way easier to wear and I hope it will stay simple and elegant.
I like the blue one because it’s simple, and I love the color pink one but little too much bling bling for me.
Purple: wardy
Blue: zarqa

Afifa Salam January 31, 2024

I think you should make both abayas available in plus size for some of us. They look so beautiful and I can’t afford to miss them.

Katumi January 31, 2024

I love y’all abayas they are always so classy. I love both abayas but I would go with the navy one!
I think you should name it Amira and the lavender one wisteria

Sara January 31, 2024

Salam , both are beautiful, I’d purchase the blue. Inshallah I wish your business every success x

Aminah January 31, 2024


I love the navy one. I would name it Farah.
The lavender one has too much bling for me personally but the color is very pretty. I would name it Elizha.

JazakAllah Khair for sharing. Can’t wait for the new collection InshaAllah!

Fatima Mirza January 31, 2024

Masha Allah both are beautiful Abayas flowly and the matieral looks comfy . I pefer the blue one more for myself 😀. Name the blue one Laila and the lavender one Amber 😀😀😀

Khyra January 31, 2024

Love your work and the business you have built, sis! I like the stonework. However, can we do a zipper on the abayas instead of the buttons? I have a couple of the Al Shams’ buttoned abayas (which are gorgeous) and would like more variety in styling and versatility. I like the duty pink – I wouldn’t change it to black!

Sample Names:

Blue – Halima
Dusty Pink – Amiratou

Nikki January 31, 2024

Blue = khadija
Lavender = Asiya

Khadija January 31, 2024

I love them both but I like the lavender set the best. It’s very feminine and dressy. It’s perfect for a iftar, Walimah, Eid or a date night.

danielle mcclam January 31, 2024

Assalam Alikum,
I adore the navy abaya; it’s elegantly simple with just the right amount of stone work-not too much. The first phrase that comes to mind when I see it is ‘Safina Abaya..:)
As for the pink abaya, it’s beautiful, but the abundance of stone work makes it more suitable for grand occasions rather than regular use. I personally think it looks stunning in black. Appreciate you sharing the Ramadan collections..

Tabbusum January 31, 2024

I love the blue one more! Very elegant and the bling doesn’t bling as much. Of course it will be gorgeous in black.

For the blue Inayah
For the lavender Tasmeem

Umm Sumaiya January 31, 2024

I also like the navy. Easier to keep clean and neat than the lighter color. Both are gorgeous! I commented on Facebook. I like the name Sabiha for the abaya. May Allah continue to bless you my dear sis 💜💙💜💙

Erin Sarr January 31, 2024

YES YES I will buy both and any color you have yay!!!! Bring on the dusters!!!!!

Beda January 31, 2024

I like both but prefer the navy one! Just a thought no belt. More modest and also it gets hard to keep track of belts haha. Beautiful Abayas. I would name the first one “Layl Abaya”. Hope it will come in classic black as well. InshaAllah we all get to Ramadan. Ameen.

Radia January 31, 2024

Love the first one. I’m older and I guess a little more traditional. Thecsecond is beautiful. But not for me

Janna January 31, 2024

As salaamu alaikum Al Shams sisters,

First of all, both abayas are gorgeous and oh-so elegant! However, since Ramadan will be in the spring, I would choose the lavender abaya as my top choice. The stonework is classy, subtle, and feminine. Also, please make these available in Plus Sizes and possibly with different length variations (I’m 5’10 so shameless plug lol)

As far as names, I’ll give you a few for each abaya.

For the navy – This abaya reminds me of Ramadan nights under the moon.
- Amaya (Night rain)
- Ayla (Halo of the moon)
- Kamaria (Moonlight, Bright as the moon)

For the lavender – This abaya reminds me of femininity and beauty in Islam.
- Nyra (Rose, Beauty of Goddess)
- Haseena (Beautiful, Good)
- Nazira (Beauty and radiance in a person’s face)

Shukran for sharing this with us! Can’t wait to purchase!

Simone January 31, 2024

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