Help us Choose our Ramadan Collection

As Salaamu Alaikum. So, we are in the midst of planning to launch new pieces for Ramadan and we want to get your opinion. The pieces below are a sneak peek of what we are considering for this coming season. Take a look at these styles and give us your honest feedback. We love hearing from our ShamsFam and want you to be a part of our selection process.

First up is an open duster in Navy. It is simple but has subtle stonework which makes it a piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. It has a waist tie which is optional and can be worn to the back. We need help choosing a name for this beauty.


This next piece is a pretty lavender open abaya with lots of stonework. It’s a bit fancy, so it’s perfect for wearing to a party or to a sisters event. It also has a waist tie which can be worn to the back, or you can opt to wear it without it. It’s open so you can choose a sleeveless dress so when you open it you’re fully covered. Here we paired it with our Uptown Diamond Collection Scarf in Lavender which matches perfectly and enhances the stone design.


Let us know what you think about these styles, should we go ahead with them? Should we also make them in Plus Size? What would you name these pieces?

As a bonus, if we choose the name you suggest you will get a $250 Al Shams Gift Card. We’re here to share the LOVE habibiti! Gift card winners will be announced On Feb 6, 2024 at 10am, so be sure to check your email.

We can’t wait to hear what you think. Thanks again for being a part of the ShamsFam.


Both are beautiful!! I would definitely buy them – I am thin so anything with a belt is what I prefer as I can make it fit better!!! I would also suggest to make an option that is closed up completely from the middle as that is what I like personally :)

I would name them: The Rahmah – Ramadan Collection because it’s the month of Rahmah & Divine Blessings!

Keep up the amazing work and creating beautiful pieces!! I would love to collaborate if you allow it

Ujala Rehan February 04, 2024

I would vote for blue one just because I like simple designs but will prefer it without belt.

Shaista Ahmad February 04, 2024

I LOVE the lavender! Está hermosa! 🤩

Elisa February 04, 2024

Pink- Berry pink
Blue- midnight stars blue
Mashallah I love both

Noemi Gonzalez February 04, 2024

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wabarakatuhu I would like to see the navy abaya with a matching navy sleeveless under dress and a hijab like the lavender one with ruffles and no bling.

Khadijah February 04, 2024

Both are beautiful but if I have to pick between these two I prefer the lavender abaya. I think the color is lovely and feminine and I think the rhinestones/beads are blingy but not overwhelming.

Victoria February 04, 2024

Assalam Alaikum! MashaAllah, the Navy Abaya is indeed Subdued Elegance. I think this name perfectly describes it… Bariq-al Lail (Night Sparkle). May Allah SWT make it easy for you to choose the best names, Allahummah Ameen!

Adreain Edwards February 04, 2024

As Salaamualaikum Warahmatuallhi Wabarakatu. Alhumdulilah I love them both, and I’m thinking about what I want to wear for Eid, these colors are lovely.They are both beautiful. I say go for it. I love variety, and yes plus size would be good to make as well.

Najalaa Siddiq February 04, 2024

The 2 abayas are beautiful MashaAllah. I really like the navy blue one. But lavender is gorgeous too. Would love if they both came in plus size and 62 length.

Names I would suggest for these beautiful styles : Navy – Midnight or Layla
Lavender – Wisteria or Warda

Kay February 04, 2024

Navy: Blue Nile
Pink: Tulips, Perfect Mauve, Dusty Rose

For size inclusivity it would be nice to have these in plus sizes.

Style wise I prefer the simplicity of the blue abaya. I don’t like the bling on the pink abaya. Color wise I prefer the pink.

Katina February 04, 2024

Love the navy…call it midnight. Would love it in a plus size

Rashidah Abdul-Khabeer February 04, 2024

I love the lavender one. And I’d love to see it in plus size too.

I think the name for it should be Layinah. It means soft and supple in Arabic.

If you choose the blue call it the Ramadan Dusk

Zulaika Elhadi February 04, 2024

Asalaam alaikum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatu both are beautiful MashAllah 🌷

Lavendar- Aminah

Aminah February 04, 2024

Masha Allah, both are beautiful…please make them in the Curvy line.

Fatimah February 04, 2024

I vote for the Blue abaya. The Lavender abaya would be nice in black or green.

Kharma February 04, 2024

Asalaam alaikum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatu both are beautiful MashAllah ! I would rather the lavender for myself. Blue should be Naajilah, Lavendar should be Yara

Nura February 04, 2024

Blue- Amira
Lavender- wisteria
I love the abayas from Al shame they are always so classy. But I would choose the blue one !

Sara February 02, 2024

Love the first Abaya, I think it should be called “Nayla Open Duster Abaya”. Perfect for Ramadan nights. The color further toned down the little work on the Abaya. Perfect!

The second, very beautiful color and I think should be called “Warda Open Abaya” because it reminds me of roses.
Perfect for sisters gathering and Eid.
Baarakallahu feeh.

Nimah February 02, 2024

I honestly love both of them for your Ramadan collection. The best thing I can say about Al Shams is you never disappoint and you aim to please so whatever you choose I’m all in. Sapphire Nights and I dream of Amethyst is what came up in my head immediately looking at the stones. Best wishes beautifuls on winning the gift card.

Sabrina February 01, 2024

Assalamu alaikum.
Ummm 1 ma Sha Allah these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
The Navy one I think should be called celestial because it reminds me of the night sky.

Somayah February 01, 2024

assalamualaikum! i love open abayas as you can definitely dress them up for events by wearing them opened up but also keep them casual for everyday errands by keeping the buttons closed. i would love to see them in plus size options as there aren’t many options for bigger sizes. often with plus sizes, people have to size up to fit their body but it becomes too long in length.

for the blue abaya, i would suggest the name “najm” meaning star or “anhaar” meaning rivers.

for the lavender abaya, i would suggest “wurood” meaning flowers or “warda”, a single flower.

Mansurah February 01, 2024


Absolutely gorgeous. Both abayas are equally stunning.

I loooooove the timeless, ‘true A-line’ silhouette of each of these abayas and the subtle, sparkly stonework truly sets it off rendering it the epitome of femininity and modesty.

They’re truly elegant styles. The color choices are appropriate for springtime. Al Shams never disappoints! You understood the assignment, Sis. (Per usual.) 🌺

Tönya February 01, 2024

Asalaimu Alaikum I LOVE ❤️ Both Masha Allah but would love to see the second Garment in BLACK, NAVY, NUDE, BLUSH

Sykenia January 31, 2024

Asalamu aleykum!

Let me start of by saying that I am in love with Al Shams Abayas! They are my go to everyday wear. Especially the Madison Abayas( I already have 5 and currently have 3 more in my cart that I plan on buying for Ramadan) they are such good quality, elegant and I love how simple and modest they are. I had spoken with one of the team members when I placed my first order and the sister was so nice and helpful. Allahuma barik. When I think of buying abayas its always Al Shams for me! May Allah give you the hasanat of all of us that wear your items!

The 2 abayas are beautiful. I really like the navy blue one. I would wear it for Jummah or for an iftar invitation. I like that the stone work is not a lot so it has more of a simpler look. I love when abayas have a A line and are more flowy at the bottom. It would be nice if there was more than 1 option for color. Red, nude, tan, brown would look nice.

The lavender abaya is pretty. I love the color. Personally it’s not for me. I usually go for abayas that don’t have a lot of bling, sequin, or stone work.

For the names it would be awesome if all the abayas for the Ramadan collection had a Ramadan theme and islamic triats that we are trying to develop and improve on especially in Ramadan.

For the Navy possible names could be:
Al Layl (The night)
Shukur (Gratitude)
Tawakul (Reliance)
Taqwa (Consiousness)
Hayaa (Modesty)

Ikhlas (Sincerity)
Salam (Peace)
Maghfira (Forgiveness)
Barakah (Blessings)
Fadl (Favor)

The names can be interchangeable. The navy names work for the lavender one and vise versa.

Thank you for asking for our input! Am excited to see the new drops for Ramadan. May Allah allow us to reach Ramadan. JazakAllah khair for all that you do!

Jasmin Amir January 31, 2024

As salam alikum! I really love both abayas, Mashallah!

Navy – Amina
Pink – Asata

Navy: I really love the richness of the navy. The stone work is beautiful too! I personally do not like too much bling, but this is just enough (for me). I’d like to see a hijab similar to the pink one with the ruffles (for the navy abaya). I agree it can be dressed up or down. It is something that will look beautiful at any times, especially the late nights in the masjid during Taraweeh. So I think this reminds me of Queen Amina, a tough warrior, AND she introduced metal armor for protection for her troops. I’d name the navy abaya Amina.

Pink: I do love the color and that it’s an open abaya. However, I’m not a fan of the amount of bling (my preference) I’m not a fan of so much stonework. I prefer plain, minimal bling, and minimal embroidery for most things. But it is always nice to have an elevated abaya! I’d love this one in a light green with no diagonal pattern (the extra shimmery/bling area of the design) I would name it Asata. Strong and determined is the journey and how one will feel wearing this, inshaAllah. 55:72 what a fine dunya abaya striving for Janna! I think it would be beautiful it in this green,online_chips:kaftan:PB578OQkFNg%3D&prmd=isvnmbhtz&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS906US906&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjLoM_5lImEAxU9h-4BHcEtBIAQ4lYoAXoECAEQBw&biw=414&bih=724#imgrc=q6W3AhEA1fHZVM&imgdii=7f884KheIdpZmM

InshaAllah, all of our comments have been helpful in furthering your decisions for what to bring out for Ramadan! Jazakalaheir!

Mariah January 31, 2024

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