Help us Choose our Ramadan Collection

As Salaamu Alaikum. So, we are in the midst of planning to launch new pieces for Ramadan and we want to get your opinion. The pieces below are a sneak peek of what we are considering for this coming season. Take a look at these styles and give us your honest feedback. We love hearing from our ShamsFam and want you to be a part of our selection process.

First up is an open duster in Navy. It is simple but has subtle stonework which makes it a piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. It has a waist tie which is optional and can be worn to the back. We need help choosing a name for this beauty.


This next piece is a pretty lavender open abaya with lots of stonework. It’s a bit fancy, so it’s perfect for wearing to a party or to a sisters event. It also has a waist tie which can be worn to the back, or you can opt to wear it without it. It’s open so you can choose a sleeveless dress so when you open it you’re fully covered. Here we paired it with our Uptown Diamond Collection Scarf in Lavender which matches perfectly and enhances the stone design.


Let us know what you think about these styles, should we go ahead with them? Should we also make them in Plus Size? What would you name these pieces?

As a bonus, if we choose the name you suggest you will get a $250 Al Shams Gift Card. We’re here to share the LOVE habibiti! Gift card winners will be announced On Feb 6, 2024 at 10am, so be sure to check your email.

We can’t wait to hear what you think. Thanks again for being a part of the ShamsFam.


Mashallah collection

Khadijah Mohammed February 06, 2024

As Salaamu Alaikum ShamsFam

We’re excited to announce the winners of our Ramadan Gift Card Giveaway! 🌙✨
Each of these ladies has won an Al Shams Gift Card each for suggesting the perfect names for our stunning Ramadan collection styles.

Your creativity has truly shone, and we can’t wait to see you all enjoy your shopping sprees!

Grand Prize Winners $250 Gift Card
Mansurah (Abaya Name: Anhaar)
Fatiatu, I (Abaya Name: Rawdah)

Runner’s Up $100 Gift Card
Rasmiyyah, A (Abaya Name: Qamrah)
Adreain, E (Abaya Name: Bariq-al Lail)

Honorable Mention $50 Gift Card
Nura (Abaya Name: Yara)
Tabbasum, A (Abaya Name: Safina)

🏆 Congratulations to all our winners and everyone in the ShamsFam for sharing your love and ideas with us.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and giveaways from Al Shams! 🌺🌟

With gratitude and joy, Kim and the Al Shams Team 🥰🌙

Kim Shamsiddin February 06, 2024

I love both of them my favorite color is pink but these two colors are good too

Senada February 06, 2024

Yes to the lavender 💜 Call her Basma, after a lovely, resilient woman I know 🇵🇸

E.ko February 06, 2024

I love them
For Navy color: Zubeyda(زُبَيْدَه)
For lavender: Lameeyah(لَمِيَه)
Assalamu aleykum va rohmatullohi va barokatuhu

Zinnura February 05, 2024

Assalamu aleykum Sister Kim!
I liked both of them , but I prefer the navy color for everyday wearing. I liked lavender also for for feast day and forwedding day.
So I want to give the name for:
Navy color-“Bella”
Lavender color-“Tender Lavender “

Muyassar February 05, 2024

Asalaam aliakum.
The navy is great for everyday or Jumuah. I would call that midnight. The lavender I like but I would love to see it in a taupe. I would definitely wear it for Eid because it’s bright and festive. I will call it Lilac love or if you make it in taupe it cream dream.

Mykeeya February 05, 2024

Assalamu Alaikum,

I love the lavender one it’s literally perfect and I find the design of the stone work unique. The pairing of the scarf with it is what really sold it for me it just feels perfect for upcoming Ramadan and spring as well! The first one in navy is really nice for everyday wear and has the perfect amount of work on it without making it too fancy and the darker color makes it versatile.

I’d name them Layali for the navy one and Naemma for the lavender one!

Ayat Abdellatif February 05, 2024

Assalamu’alaykum, I love the Navy Blue Duster and I would name it Layla. I think the lavender duster would be a big time saler in Classic Black!

Jameelah Hassan February 05, 2024

As Salam Alaykum!
MashaAllah, both abayas are beautiful!! I’ll probably end up buying both once available InshaAllah 😁

Navy: Serene
Lavender: Lavender Lush

Zarina Ali February 05, 2024

As salaam alaikum, hey Kim & staff. Thank you for reaching out to the community and asking us for help in this regard.
Both pieces are stunning and love how it flows. However, I choose blue as my first choice.
In reading some of comments, I loved the names that were mentioned.
May Allah ta’la grant you tawfeeeq in the decision making. Ameen

Fredrica February 05, 2024

I would love to see the Lavender abaya in Lavender and also in black…we need this in BLACK in shaa allah. I would name her Qamrah, she is so pretty maa shaa allah allahumma barak alay aameen!

Rasmiyyah Abdusalam February 05, 2024

Assalamoalaikum WRWR
Maa’shaa’Allah both are good but I like the first one in darker color. It looks so classy n I name it Sara as it seems Royal looking.
The second one in lavender color is good for eid collection as it has heavy work. I think light worked Abbayas look great for ramadan because we wanna wear heavy party wear at Eid.
Jazakillah Khair

Samreen Rana February 05, 2024

‏السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
Ma Shaa Allah both abayas are very nice & should be added to the Ramadan collection. I would also love to see the abaya styles open with sleeveless abaya underneath, if possible.

Blue abaya Bushrah🌸
Lavender abaya Swiyyah (Swee-ya)🌸

Someone already choose the first name that came to
my mind, Alhamdulillah

سودة H February 05, 2024

As Salaam Alaikum Sister Kim and the Al Shams Abayas Fam!,

1. That navy duster, 🙌🏽😍🙌🏽😍💯, DO IT! Is it possible to do two, one with the stones AND one without the stones? Both would be guaranteed HITS In Shaa Allah. The A- line cut is so practical, dressy (with stones) / professional (without the stones) looking. And even though I am a hardline, “die-hard”, all day-every day black abaya wearing sister, the NAVY is 👍🏾.

2. Can we talk about that Uptown Scarf??? That fringe is everything 💖!!! The mauve colored abaya, again, a welcomed option. Spring is coming.

This survey was a fun and inclusive idea Kim! Allah’s SWT infinite blessings on you and the business. 🥰

Tracey Woods February 05, 2024

Assalaamu alaykum,

I think you should go ahead with both, they would be a great addition to your Dressy Abaya’s collection. YES to plus sizes because our plus size sisters need fancy shmancy abayas too 👍👍

For names:
Navy abaya: “Layla” in Midnight Navy
Lavender Abaya: “Duha” in Lavender Sky

I like these names because both have are Eastern names with a Western touch to it.

Kaniz Koli February 05, 2024

I love the abayas from
Alshamas if I choose the name for abaya blue and black is so classy , it reminds me night best for look slim and for nights
So I give it name alandleeb
And 2nd abaya shows me happiness and glitter for special party I give the name al humaira I know little Arabic so I give these names to abayas
جزاك الله خيرا كثيرا

Chanda ullah February 05, 2024

Assalaam alaikum
I like th blue and the lavender garments very nice for Ramadan and the Eid insha Allah there
Very nice and look very beautiful to the eyes Al hamdullah ❤️🌸💯

Yasmeen Muhammad February 05, 2024

Assalamu Alaikum Warahamtulahi Wabarakatu,

This Ramadan collection looks really nice, and love the simplicity of it. The blue design is really great for work or a designed go-to abaya, but I love the pink design more. The sparkles, ruffle in the hijab and the silhouette is beautiful Allahumma Barik! 😌💖


Mariam Oriyomi February 05, 2024

I love them both but I prefer the lavender one for more special occasions! I would call this one Safiyya, after the Prophets (pbuh) beautiful wife.

The stone work is unique. The styles are still
Modest and I don’t think it’s over the top! 💕💕

Brianna February 04, 2024

I really liked the lavender color I also like brown but my favorite is gray for future references.
And plus size is a plus
Salam aleykom

Lila February 04, 2024

Assalamu alaikum Sis, I like both, But if I had a choice I would choose the blue one, Tht just because like blue. I think both should be in the collection. The Blue should be call Sundown Blue, and spring lilac.

Michelle Commander February 04, 2024

Love the rose abya easy for nursing,love that the front can open !
This Abaya
Can be called
Al Rose / Al Warda 🌹
Fatima az Zahra
Glitter Rose 🌹

Samija February 04, 2024

AsSalaamu Alaikum ..
I love them both..they are so beautiful…
The blue one should be called -Deep Ocean Blue
Lavender-Heliitrope or Lavender Blush..

Leah Caldwell February 04, 2024

I love these abayas!! I tend to gravitate to dark colors but I like light ones for the spring/summer.
On suggestion would be to add pockets!! EVERYTHING is better with pockets 😁
Other colors would be nice as well. Black is my go to so black would be great. Also other colors like rust, dark gray, or even a print since it is like a duster. They are keepers!

Liana February 04, 2024

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