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Dressing up can sometimes be a big fuss, but it really doesn't have to be. Open abayas are a staple piece in modest apparel, are perfect for casual and formal occasions and easy to dress up without the fuss! One of our favorite pieces is our Melanie Abaya. Melanie offers styling versatility that allows you to change up your look instantly and effortlessly. 

Melanie Abaya

If you’re into super soft, lightweight materials then Melanie is the perfect addition to your abaya collection. The contrasting embroidery elevates your look giving you a bit of stylish flair without being too over the top. The buttonless design allows you to wear it open which lets the beautiful Nida fabric to flow softly and beautifully. Nida fabric is ideal for any season and allows you to layer up with looking bulky. 

Speaking of layers, Melanie can be layered with a variety of colors. Adding lighter colors like white, or blush gives you a delicate, feminine flow, while darker colors add a more subtle look. Our sleeveless dresses are the ideal complement to this lovely abaya. You can check them out our full range of sleeveless dresses here

Melanie Abaya -1

And of course you can never go wrong with black. Black is a classic color that is strong and empowering. Wear your Melanie Abaya over black sleeveless dress for a timeless look of classy sophistication. 

Melanie Abaya in Black 1

What’s not to love about Melanie?  It’s a gorgeous abaya that offers versatility and the styling options are endless. 


The decision to wear the abaya is a personal choice for many Muslim women, reflecting their commitment to religious and cultural values. It represents a form of empowerment through the exercise of personal agency, allowing women to express their identity within the framework of modest dressing.

almaryum January 19, 2024

A popular trend for the upcoming season is layering. Whether it be a jacket over a dress, or a blazer over an abaya, layering is a great way to add dimension to an outfit. Layers can be used to bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to any look.

Almaryum May 30, 2023

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