Jilbabs - The Perfect Solution for Covering Pretty

As Salaam Alaikum Beauties! So today we are giving you the rundown on Jilbabs. Jilbabs are comfy, loose-fitting modest garments that are perfect for just about any occasion. Muslim women across the globe wear them as a matter of personal preference and as an expression of modesty and piety. 

Mahasen Jilbab Set in Mauve

Feminine, classy and dignified, Jilbabs are the quintessential piece for ladies who love full coverage without compromising style. 

Mahasen Jilbab Set in Grey

We offer a full range of sets in a variety of colors that include the jilbab, skirt and matching niqab. 

Mahasen Jilbab Set in Black 

Each piece can be worn together for a complete look or styled individually. 

Mahasen Jilbab Set in Chocolate

Our Mahasen Jilbab sets are made with lightweight, ultra-smooth Nida fabric allowing you to feel comfortable in any weather. 

Mahasen Jilbab Set in Caramel

The beauty of our Mahasen Jilbab Set lies in the softness of the Nida fabric. The material is hand crafted to give you a flawless flow as you stride ever so gracefully and beautifully.  

Mahasen Jilbab Set in Steel Blue

Whether you’re new to covering modestly or looking to change up your look, Jilbabs are the perfect solution for full coverage and versatility. 

Mahasen Jilbab Set in Maroon

Check out our full range of Jilbab Sets here and if you have any questions be sure to reach out to us. 

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