Meet the Master Perfume Maker of Dubai

On my last trip to Dubai, I had the pleasure of meeting Yusuf Muhammad Ali aka Yusuf Bhai, the Perfume Master of Dubai. Yusuf has the unique ability to recreate any perfume or fragrance just by smelling it. He can also create any custom fragrance for you based on your preference. So, if you love florals, citrus, woodsy, fruity or any combination of those, Yusuf can make them according to your wish. 

Originally from Kerala, India, Yusuf has been in Dubai for over 35 years and comes from a family of perfume makers. He credits his older brother, who has since passed away, with helping him learn the art of creating fragrances. People from all parts of the world come to him for custom fragrances. A kind and gentle soul, Yusuf is known all over the Emirates for his warm nature and ability to bring a smile to your face. 

In this video, I asked Yusuf to make a custom fragrance for me from a perfume that has been discontinued. He only needed to smell the sample once and he nailed the fragrance on the first shot. 


If you are ever in Dubai, be sure to check out his shop, Teeb Emirates Perfume. You can check Yusuf out on Instagram and you can also learn more about him in this feature video Humans of UAE.

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Interested Lacoste white perfume and Jaquar

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