How to Style a Ghashwa as a Cape

If you haven’t already tried a Ghashwa, you’re missing out on an amazing accessory that can take your outfit from just ok, to absolute glam. These beautiful pieces are veils without the face covering that flow gorgeously and beautifully, complimenting just about any modest outfit.

Normally, a Ghashwa is worn around the head and draped down the back but we decided to try something a little different. We actually styled a Ghashwa as a cape. Instead of putting it around the head, we draped it across the shoulders, creating an elegant silhouette that is simply lovely. Check out the video to see how we did it.

If you want to see more styles, check out our full collection of Ghashwas here.

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Very nice

On another note I was in to purchase a khimar …. I was very satisfied with the level of assistance I was provided by sister Jaaber (can’t think of her name and have known her since she was born). She went above and beyond to help me select the right color .

Cynthia Su'ad Brown October 13, 2022

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