Al Shams apparel is sophisticated, feminine and polished, as is the woman who wears it. She is the embodiment of impeccable elegance, grace and modesty. She is confident, dignified, stylish and never ostentatious. She is unapologetic and uncompromising in her mode of dress and embraces her status as a Muslimah wholeheartedly. She enjoys a sophisticated color palette including the bold and mysterious Classic Black.  

Like her, we covet beautiful fabrications, classic silhouettes and elegant embellishments. We strive to bring to her the highest attention to detail and workmanship. She inspires us to create garments for her discerning taste, each stitch revealing her unique beauty, because she, with all her layers of modest sophistication, is unparalleled.

Drape yourself in Al Shams and dare to embrace the regal Muslimah you are!