The Problem with Plus Size Muslim Clothing

Like most plus size women, Muslim women with ample curves get frustrated with not being able to find clothing that fits. Plus size Muslim women want to dress modestly but they also want to feel feminine and pretty too. It’s a huge challenge for them to find plus size abayas and modest clothing that actually fit. While Modest Fashion brands are making huge strides in bringing modest clothing to the Muslim market, most have completely neglected the plus size Muslim woman and are only making clothing for the smaller size ranges. 

Plus size Muslim women are left to choose from styles that are boring, uninspiring and ill-fitting. Let’s face it, clothes make women feel good about themselves, and plus size Muslim women are no different. Mainstream fashion has done a lot to encourage body shaming and lack of diversity by failing to address the needs of plus size women, much less plus size Muslim women.

Modest Fashion brands, we have to do better! We need to acknowledge that not every Muslim woman is a size 6 and yes, plus size Muslim women want pretty colors, styles, and choices. Let’s help our sisters by creating clothing that addresses their needs.

Amina Abaya - Plus Size

At Al Shams Abayas, we are working hard to create styles that our plus size Muslim sisters can appreciate. We admit we have a long way to go, but we are striving to be more inclusive in our offerings to ensure our plus size sisters can feel as feminine and beautiful as ever.

Stay tuned for more gorgeous plus size styles for 2020 and beyond. 

Munirah Abaya - Plus Size
Jennah Abaya - Plus Size


While I’m happy that there is more options to choose from for plus size Muslim women, I still have to deal with the designers thinking that plus size equals hourglass, I’m top heavy and although I’m still plus size, I need more room in the top area, almost all the plus size are roomy in the hip/butt area and tight in the bust area, if I get the ones a little bigger in the bust area I’m tripping on how extremely long the rest of it is or it’s just like one giant piece with no personality to it.

Rosa Mcniel April 11, 2022

Shukrun for having plus size models so I may know exactly I will look in your garments. Thanks you

Nasirrah Abdul-Addarr May 16, 2021

I’m frustrated because the models are typically either slim or plus sized. I’m on the middle so I can’t get an idea what something might looks like on ME. Plus size is too big, but I’m in the bigger range of not plus size. Also, pretty faces distract me from the clothes. Just because the pretty model looks good, doesn’t mean I will like it on me, too. I wish faces were blurred out – NOT because of some extreme view about showing faces, but because it makes imagining ME wearing it harder.

Nora April 04, 2021

You need to add more ruffles to your muslim designs. Also, add some tiers of ruffles to your clothes. No, I am not a muslim; I just like the modesty angle.

Janice Gilmour February 07, 2021

Salam Alaikum,

Sister JazakAllahKheir for giving curvy Muslimahs a place to shop with ease and comfort. May Allah reward you, ameen ❤️

Amber January 10, 2020

Thank you Al Sham for addressing us plus ladies who are frequently overlooked by fashion designers. Truly appreciate that you have incorporated plus designs into your brand. These Abayas are colorful, well made, and flow beautifully. Looking forward to your future options.

Latresha Cruz January 08, 2020

“Plus size Muslim women are left to choose from styles that are boring, uninspiring and ill-fitting” I want to see more of the styles brought to plus size that you have for the other sizes. I want to see feminine colors and combinations. I would love to also see your company make the items more customizable. I’m 5’4” and I typically wear a 2xl to give me coverage. BUT some companies don’t make garments to fit me and my height. The companies that do provide customizable items have the same styles year over year. I can’t wait to see you all come up with new and beautiful things for us Voluptuous women.

Khadijah J. January 08, 2020

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