The Beauty of the Classic Black Abaya

Nothing says Style, Elegance, and Sophistication more than a Classic Black Abaya. Even in recent years with the proliferation of colored abayas (which we fully love and embrace), the Classic Black Abaya remains the most popular choice for abayas around the world.

It’s easy to see why. With its rich hues and bold tones, the Classic Black Abaya is the essence of chic and exemplifies cool elegance. If you love Classic Black, here are few styles from our current collection that we think you will love.

Munirah Abaya

Munirah Abaya | Al Shams Abayas

Our Munirah Abaya is all about simplicity. This simple abaya is a clean silhouette that can be styled and accessorized with any color.

Naomi Abaya

Naomi Abaya | Al Shams Abayas

Our Naomi Abaya offers subtle and understated elegance. The delicate hand beading around the peplum gives it just the right touch of glam.

Sanijah Abaya

Sanijah Abaya | Al Shams Abayas

Sophisticated style is the essence of our Sanijah Abaya. Tastefully hand beaded, yet subtle and not overpowering, Sanijah is perfect for that business meeting where you need to close the deal!

Azizah Abaya

Azizah Abaya | Al Shams Abayas

Unapologetically feminine and classy is how we describe our Azizah Abaya. We styled it here with a Ghashwa and Niqab for an air of mystique.

Ebony Abaya

Ebony Abaya | Al Shams Abayas

Be the Grand Dame with our beautiful Ebony Abaya. This exquisite cape style abaya has a magnificent flow and is your perfect choice for bridal or other special occasions.


These styles are just a few examples of the beauty and versatility of Classic Black Abayas. I am sure you can make any of these abayas special with your own unique style elements. The right outfit can make you feel wonderful and ready to take on the world.

When you feel great about yourself, you feel self-assured and confident…and when that happens, you are simply unstoppable.

Be well sisters,




The black abaya is often celebrated for its elegance and simplicity. Many women appreciate the classic and understated look of a black abaya, which can be enhanced with subtle embellishments, embroidery, or unique cuts to add a touch of individual style without compromising on modesty.
almaryum January 19, 2024

My favorite abaya is a black one, as it is simple, traditional, and can be worn in a flowy manner. My co-worker wears an abaya, which I find to be stunning on her, and I would like to wear one myself someday.

Al Maryum March 21, 2023

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