New Shahada Spotlight - Meet Rachel

Welcome to the first episode of our New Shahada Series, where we spotlight the transformative journeys of new Muslims. In this episode, we introduce Rachel, a resilient sister whose story is as compelling as it is inspiring.

Rachel has faced significant challenges in gaining acceptance from her family, navigating her identity in the workplace, and overcoming personal hurdles with substance abuse.

Her story is a poignant reminder of the impact of embracing one's faith against all odds. Join us as Rachel shares her unfiltered experiences, highlighting the courage and profound changes that define her life as a new Muslimah.




Assalamu’alaykum Rachel, I just want to say May Allah the mighty and Majestic Bless you in the most Generous way, just keep working towards connecting to Allah the most High. Never forget that we love you and always making Dua for you . You have the Sisters support.

Jameelah Hassan May 12, 2024

As salaamu alaikuum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, welcome Rachel. May Allah Bless you with much good in this life and the next Ameen

Donna Hutchins May 12, 2024

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