Introducing Our New Niqab Collection

Niqab lovers, the wait is over. Our latest Niqab collection is here and these pieces are as gorgeous as ever. 

If you’re not familiar with the Niqab, it’s essentially a face veil that reveals only the eyes or in some cases covers the entire face. Wearing the Niqab is a matter of personal preference with some ladies wearing it on a daily basis, while others may wear it on Eid holidays or special occasions.


Maysa Niqab

Our collection is a departure from the usual plain Niqabs in that ours are a full 45 inches long, draping just below the waist for a beautiful, graceful flow. Most of our Niqabs are tastefully adorned with either silver or black stones for an added hint of glamour and mystique.  

Malika Niqab


Salma Niqab

Each of our Niqabs is designed with ultra-lightweight, buttery soft, premium chiffon to keep you feeling cool and comfortable in the warmest temperatures. They’re such a pretty way to dress up a simple abaya by giving your outfit a look of elegance. 

Kendra Niqab


Nadia Niqab

Whether you’re new to wearing Niqab or you’re a well seasoned Niqabi, our collection is sure to take your Niqab style to the next level. Explore our full range of Niqabs here.

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