Our Philly Pop Up Shop was Poppin'

It was On and Poppin’ in Philly

On May 13, 2018, we had our first ever Pop Up Shop in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Well in this case, it was the city of Sisterly Love because our beloved sisters came to hang out with us and we had a blast.

Check out the photos below for highlights of our Philly Pop Up.

Philly Pop Up - Al Shams Abayas

The Venue

We chose Petite Fete II as our venue. Owned by Girl-Boss to the Max, Katrina G, Petite Fete II is the perfect locale for intimate occasions.  


Petite Fete II - Al Shgams Abayas

The Food

Our guests enjoyed delicious, mini-bite appetizers...and oh my were they yummy. 

No Pop Up would be complete without some sweet treats and halal bubbly...special thanks to our Philly pastry artisans @_cupcakesattiffanys_ and @sweetgardeniabakes (cupcake photo below) 

Bubbly and Cupcakes


Sweet Gardenia Cupcakes


With 5 racks of abayas, we really pulled out all the stops for our Philly ladies. It was no surprise that Classic Black was a favorite for our Philly sisters.  

Our Vendors 

In the spirit of Sisterhood and to support Philly Muslimah Entrepreneurs, we had the pleasure of having @Wifeemade@ibrahimbooks, @UmmZakareya and @Nisaalmuminat join us as vendors. Each of these lovely sisters is contributing to the Philly Muslimah entrepreneur ecosystem in a meaningful way.

We sincerely enjoyed and appreciated their participation. 


 Ibrahim Books


Wifemade - Al Shams Abayas


UmmZakareya Henna

Reported on the authority of Abu Hurairah, radi Allahu anhu, "He who does not thank people (for their favors) has not thanked Allah.” (Abu Daawood- Hadith no. 4811, Al-Albaani: Saheeh).

We had a wonderful time and want to thank each and every one of the sisters that shopped with us and our vendors. We appreciate you ladies coming out so strong to support Al Shams.

If you’re in the Philly area and you missed our event, don’t worry, by the permission of Allah, we plan to return next year. Stay tuned.





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