Introducing Try Before You Buy

Last month we launched our unique and exciting Try Before You Buy Membership program (TBY). TBY was a year in the making and a labor of love as we worked closely with a small group of some of our best clients to determine exactly what the TBY Membership would look like. Well the work is over, and TBY is finally here!

So How Did It All Start?

Like most clothing brands, we get tons of emails, chat messages and phone calls from our website visitors every day. We were especially intrigued by the number of questions we got around fit. Questions like what about my hips, is there enough room so it’s not tight” or “I have a full bust so will this abaya work for me?”

After carefully sifting through all the questions and doing some additional research, we found that the primary reason why many sisters were hesitant to shop online was due to fit. Here are some more examples of what we heard:

“When you shop on the web you take the chance that the clothing might not fit right, so most times I just don’t even bother shopping online.”

“Size charts are helpful, but there is no substitute for actually trying something on.”

“I hate the hassle of having to stand in line at the post office to return something, it just takes up so much of my time.”

Sound familiar? We hear you! We knew we wanted to make the online shopping experience more enjoyable for our sisters and we also wanted to take away the hassle of returns. Who has time to be standing in long lines waiting to return something? It’s a big headache and huge inconvenience.

We also knew there was a huge gap that existed in terms of options for ladies being able to shop for modest clothing at home. So, after a year of testing and working through different iterations, we settled on TBY.

So, What’s TBY All About?

TBY is the first and only try-at-home membership for modest apparel. TBY Members get to try on our abayas in the convenience of their home or office for up to 3 days. Members enjoy complimentary return shipping and best of all, the TBY Membership is 100% free to join! You never have to worry whether an item is going to fit.

Another huge advantage of TBY is that when you try-at-home, you have your whole closet to work with. You can see how the clothing looks with your heels or your flats, you can swap out handbags, you can mix and match different color scarves, and you have 3 days to think it over before you have to make your choice. You don’t even have this luxury when you buy in store.

We wanted to make the process as seamless as possible so with TBY there are no membership fees, no gimmicks and no surprises. Simply keep the items you want and return the rest in our prepaid envelope. How easy is that?

Membership Perks and Benefits

TBY Members get extra perks including exclusive access through TBY First Look and our Referral Rewards program. Here’s how they work:

  • TBY First Look - TBY Members get exclusive access to new styles and the opportunity to make purchases before items are posted to our website. This means you never have to worry about items going out of stock in your size. With TBY, you get first pick!
  • Referral Rewards – As a TBY Member, when you make a referral and the person you refer makes a purchase, you get an additional $10 off your next purchase or to use whenever you want. Referral Rewards are yours to use when you see fit and best of all, they can be combined with sales and discounts for even more savings.
So, there you have it. TBY is the easiest and most convenient way to shop for modest clothing.
If you haven’t signed up for TBY, you’re missing out!

 Take advantage of this awesome FREE membership and start building your abaya collection one try-on at a time.

To find out more about how you can become a TBY Member, click here





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